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Concept of Talents

Benefit is the life of a company, and management is the guarantee of a company. All staff working together and be diligent and dedicated is driving force for the development of the company and individual. We believe that as long as the staff show their spirit of hard working, dedication, and due diligence, and with the true cooperation among co-workers and their joint effort, the company will provide them with good space for development. Ruihe has formed its own unique concept of talent in the constant development, including:

1. One must have a very high ethical standards of integrity. Moral integrity is the foundation of all good professionalism, so Ruihe values highly on this concept;

2. One should be enthusiastic towards his work. If one has no enthusiasm towards his work, he will lower his work requirements, resulting in lower quality of work and worse working ability;

3. One should have active learning attitude and be willing to practice;

4. One’s attitude is important, but one should also pursue the result. As a talent, one needs to possess the ability and attitude to finish tasks. Results-oriented is very important;

5. One should be willing to do more than he is asked to do, which means to challenge oneself. Remember, continue to challenge oneself is a shortcut to enhance one’s ability;

6. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. The key is the reaction after making the mistakes. Do not shirk responsibility – (say) "I did not do it" – no sense of responsibility is much more terrible than making mistakes. More importantly, keep the mistakes in mind, and never make the same mistakes;

7. Team spirit. Talents should effectively help achieve the effect of a team. He who knows how to share develops himself much more easily.

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