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The team of Design Institute

The Design Institute of Ruihe contains more than 10 professional design teams, including teams for hotels and clubs, office, business, entertainment, luxury model room, public space, art design center of soft decoration, electrical, lighting design department, institute for curtain wall design, research institute of soft decoration & construction, etc.. There are more than 300 professional designers at Shenzhen headquarters, and the national design teams contain more than 600 designers, with three branches in Beijing, East China, and Changsha. With more than 40 most influential senior designers and outstanding young designers, the company has a design team that is reasonably structured, with complete specialties, and richly-experienced. All professional teams have been well equipped, gained good experience and produced outstanding performance. The Design Institute of Ruihe dedicates itself to the decoration design and research, and plans to become experts in architectural design and construction. The institute values highly of personnel training and developing, and has established a long-term close relations of cooperation with famous overseas design institutions. The institute has currently employed design elites from Europe and America, Singapore, Hong Kong and other regions, and is aiming to create an international design team of high standard.

The Design Institute of Ruihe has its own design and management team, with a number of scientific & technological patents and demonstration projects, and its own unique process and standards of design and management. Each design firm would form an ad hoc group led by an experienced senior interior designer to carefully handle every design project, so the specialized design team can provide high quality and efficient design services to the owners. The Design Institute of Ruihe attaches great importance to scientific and technological progress and the green low-carbon. It also establishes cooperation with specialized academies of projects for design and research & development of new green decoration materials and new technologies.

After 20 years of development, The Design Institute of Ruihe has established a sound management system, and won the title of "the most respected contemporary brand of professional design enterprise," and the title of "the most influential design agency in Greater China". More than a thousand decoration design tasks of medium and large scale have been completed in over 20 provinces in the country, and many projects have won awards in the interior design contests in the Asia-Pacific region and of national level, and good economic and social benefits have been achieved.

With 20 years of market experience and innovative development, Ruihe’s design brand, management team, business model, research and development capabilities and reputation in the community have been fully recognized in the industry, and it has become one of the most promising benchmark companies in the industry.

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